Custom Designed & Fabricated
Hatch Molding

Order Directly From the Manufacturer
"Made in USA by American Craftsmen in St. Petersburg, Fl."


We can design and fabricate molding to fit any shape hatch so that the interior of your boat is substantially enhanced and very appealing to the eye.  All that we need are the appropriate dimensions  of the opening size and clearances.  (A pattern would be most ideal.)  We will work with you to assure that the new molding will be correct for your application as we have for other satisfied customers.

Please use the on-line contact form, send an email, or give us a call 727-768-6065 to set up an appointment to discuss your application and to obtain an estimate.



These items are available only via custom order.

Please call 727-768-6065, send us your detailed requirements via email, or via the on-line form.